HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – Democratic and Republican legislative leaders say they could soon have a draft state budget plan for Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to review. The lawmakers emerged from Tuesday’s closed-door talks claiming continued progress toward a bipartisan agreement on a new two-year budget. Connecticut has been without a new tax-and-spending plan since July 1. The group is scheduled to meet again Wednesday. Democratic House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz says he hopes they’ll “get to the point where we can then engage the governor.” Lawmakers ultimately want Malloy to sign off on any tentative agreement before it’s brought before the General Assembly for a vote. The leaders say they’ve made progress on issues such as school funding and structural budget changes. However, they acknowledge some big issues remain, including funding teacher pensions.


WATERFORD, Conn. (AP) – Authorities say a small hydrogen leak at the Millstone Nuclear Power plant in Waterford has been addressed. The facility was evacuated Monday afternoon after a leak in a turbine building was discovered. Dominion Spokesman Ken Holt says access to the building was restored after the leak was stopped later Monday. Holt says the leak amounted to a small amount of hydrogen gas. The company evacuated the building as a precaution because hydrogen can be flammable in high enough concentrations and brought in additional fans. Holt says the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, along with state and local officials, were notified. Holt says the public is not at risk.


While they don’t agree with the conclusions reached by an attorney hired by the city’s utilities commission regarding the Derbygate controversy, Norwich’s Ethics Commission says it’s time to move on. The group has approved sending a draft list of recommendations to the City Council aimed at tightening the authority of the ethics panel, when dealing with violators. The recommendations include clarification that utilities officials are covered under the new regulations; that the 18-month time limit to raise ethics complaints be more flexible; and that possible enforcement action be spelled out.   The attorney hired by the utilities commission says the recommended ethics sanctions filed against the four Norwich Public Utilities officials involved in Derbygate, can’t be enforced under current regulations.


HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – Attorney General George Jepsen says Connecticut will join other states in suing the Trump administration over its move to kill an Obama-era clean power plan aimed at reducing global warming. The Democrat said Tuesday it’s especially important to Connecticut, with its many miles of coastline, to address climate change. Jepsen says the state’s economy is “linked to unique and sensitive resources” that will be affected by global warming. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said Monday he would be issuing a new set of rules overriding the Clean Power Plan. Top Connecticut politicians, all Democrats, are decrying the move. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says regardless of what “nonsensical energy and environmental policies come out of Washington,” the state will “hold firm in its commitment to a clean and protected environment.”


A drive-through flu vaccine clinic this Sunday in Norwich may draw more than people who want to be protected this winter. Uncas Health District officials anticipate some protestors may also turn out. A small group of anti-vaccine protestors briefly disrupted a similar flu clinic in Plainfield October 1st, The protestors claim the vaccine can pose health risks, including a higher risk of miscarriage. Uncas Health nurse Sue Dubb says the protestors’ concerns either don’t apply to this particular vaccine, or are based on faulty evidence. The drive-through clinic, which will offer free doses to the first 100 people who show up, takes place at noon Sunday at the Rose City Senior center.