Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski has conceded the race to Democrat Ned Lamont. Stefanowski put in a call to Lamont during the 8 o’clock hour this morning and congratulated him. The GOP nominee had considered legal action if he lost over ballots in New Haven that still hadn’t been counted as of his concession. Stefanowski says he’s dropping that idea and said Lamont won “fair and square.”


Repub­li­can State Senator Heather Somers has defeated Democratic challenger Bob Statchen of Ston­ing­ton, for the 18th Se­nate District. The 52-year-old Somers won a sec­ond term by a 3,000 vote mar­gin. Somers told her supporters when you work hard for your district, you can win against all odds. She said she personally knocked on about 7,000 doors in the district be­tween May and Novem­ber.   It was a good night for local incumbents with local senators Cathy Osten of Sprague and Paul Formica of East Lyme winning.  Formica’s race with Democrat Martha Marx, though was closer than expected.  House Republican incumbents all won too locally, including Holly Cheesman, Kathleen McCarty, Mike France, and Doug Dubitsky.  Democrats Christine Conley, Joe de la Cruz Emmett Riley and Kevin Ryan won re-election to the House.  Two newcomers, Democrat Kate Rotella won the 43rd House District being vacated by Diana Urban and Republican Brian Lanoue took the 45th House seat currently occupied by a Republican .  Overall, Democrats retook control of the Connecticut Senate and regained more seats to solidify their majority in the House.


  Democrat Chris Murphy is headed back to the U.S. Senate for six more years.  Murphy has defeated Republican Matt Corey to win a second term in the Senate.  The seat had been considered to be safely Democratic in the blue state of Connecticut, and that has proven to be the case.  Corey is a former member of the Navy who runs a high rise window cleaning service.  Also, Second District Congressman Joe Courtney easily won re-election. 


Groton residents have rejected wide-ranging changes to the town charter, voting no on the ballot question in all seven districts for an unofficial tally of 6,351 to 4,895. Those opposing Charter Revisions PAC, are hoping that the RTM can take the message from the voters and educate them about what the value of that body is, and to do more community outreach. The proposed changes involved allowing residents to vote on the budget in an annual referendum, eliminating the Representative Town Meeting, implementing a seven-person board of finance to advise the Town Council, and extending Town Council terms from two to four years.  Also, Montville residents have voted Tues­day to ap­pro­pri­ate $10 million dollars “for road im­prove­ments and pave­ment projects”. The measure passed 3,460 to 2,577. Sev­eral town coun­cilors sup­ported the move but some of­ficials said it wasn’t a good time to add to the town’s debt.  Norwich voters approved a $2.7 million bond to get new police radios.

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