WCTY Workday Bonus with Kalamian’s Rug Shop

WCTY Work Day Bonus with Kalamian’s Rug Shop


WCTY Workday Bonus starts on or about  9/11- 11/3/17

Jimmy and Shelly in the Morning will announce the Kalamian’s Rug Shop song of the day and the a time that it will play at around 7:20am. When the song plays during the time announced. Be The 10th caller at 860-886-1515 to with Angie (or WCTY personality on air at that time) to win $100. from WCTY and Kalamian’s Rug Shop on Bank Street in New London.


Here are other rules that apply:

We will play the contest Monday-Friday  at 7:20am and the announced time of the song of the day.

When the song plays (Angie or WCTY announcer )  will take the 10th caller at 860-886-1515.

The winner will receive $100.


Employees of WCTY /Hall Communications, employees of Kalamian’s Rug Shop and any other media outlet are not eligible to win contests and any other participating sponsors.

Winners (one per household) must wait 10 days to play again.

Winners can only win one time per household during this game. (You cannot win one more than one workday bonus for the duration of the game)

Winners of prizes of $100 or more must wait 30 days (per household)

Winners of prizes valued at over $1,500 are not eligible for one year.

No one can win more than 6 times during a calendar year.

You must be 18 or over to play contests

ALL checks must be picked up during business hours between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday. And MUST be picked up within 14 days or the prize will be forfeited. WCTY is closed in observation of holidays. We cannot mail the checks.

Prizes must be picked up at 40 Cuprak Rd. in Norwich, CT. Please bring photo ID.

WCTY reserves the right to substitute prizes for other prizes of equal or greater value.

Winners agree to allow WCTY to air their voice and use their photograph for promotional purposes.

WCTY and their sponsors are not responsible for injuries or death that result from any contest.

Winners are responsible for all taxes that may occur from the winning of a prize, if applicable.

Winners cannot claim to be any other person than who they are…in other words…you cannot win for another person!

Rules can be changed by WCTY/Hall Communications at any time and will be posted.
Good Luck…and keep listening and playing with WCTY!