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Fun Facts about Angie

1—Place of birth (city/state/country): New London CT

2—Three things you could, but would rather not, live without: Prosecco, Cheeseburgers, and Netflix

3—Oft used phrase or favorite quote: Irregardless is NOT a word

4—Cartoon, fictional, or real life character you would most like hang out with and why: Trevor Noah… so smart and funny. I would like him to marry my  daughter. Holidays would be so much fun!

5—Most shockingly awful or worst tasting thing you’ve ever eaten: Stale peanut butter at my Grandparents… many years have passed, and I STILL taste it.

6—What did you want to grow up to be? A Librarian

7—On a scale of 1-10, how well do you sing? 4… maybe… but that’s optimistic.

8—Do you push the elevator button more than once? No… but I use my knuckle, not my fingertip.

9—Do you have a favorite sound? If so, what is it? Peepers in the spring

10–Favorite comfort food or guilty pleasure? Mashed potatoes and gravy… YUM!

I have been in radio for decades and the WCTY family is by far my favorite! Listeners and co-workers are the best! Sincerely!!